Getting An ISP to Fix a Problem

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Getting An ISP to Fix a Problem

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Our ISP has had 1-2% packet loss on the line for almost 9 months now. It was originally a residential account, and once they had much better upload offerings that were only available via a business account, we moved to that account (at a 3x+ increase in cost).The packet loss problem was identified and is in the diagnosis process. The better upload bandwidth never came to stay (it worked for a few hours until a cable modem configuration file was pushed down to the modem). We actually have worse bandwidth than what we had as a residential customer. I've been talking with their support almost every day for the last month, and talking to much higher levels such as the local network maintenance supervisor for updates.Our first bill came. I don't think it is fair to pay any more than what we did as a residential customer, and even that would be a stretch since there still is the packet loss problem. The company is insisting that a 30% discount is sufficient for the lack of proper service.How would you address the issue in order to get the ISP to deliver the promised service?

Please help.

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